Review of Merlin Bingo

This online casino, or rather online bingo, website is undoubtedly imbued with a touch of magic. Themed after the greatest magician who may or may not have been, perhaps you won’t need any spells to guarantee you walk away with your money, rather than being doomed to spend eternity searching for a means to recover your losses.

Obviously, Merlin was the wizard who served in King Arthur’s court. The precise location of the Knights of the Round Table in the United Kingdom remains a mystery to historians, with some pointing to Cornwall as a possible location, while a recent research said it was more likely to be in Lancashire. Sincerely, we don’t care, and it would be refreshing to not know anything for a change in this Google-everything era.

Wizard Merlin

The website itself is rather nice and was obviously designed within the last couple years. The images, text, and layout are as pristine as one could hope for, without information overload or busy embellishments. Just to our liking then. Aside from this, it loads rapidly and leaves little doubt as to what members will discover on the other side of the sign-up form: an abundance of bingo.

The meaning of the choice on the top menu bar that simply states “Games” is little less apparent. It might literally mean anything, but happily, given this is a comprehensive review, you’re quite likely to find out if you continue reading. As if to cut to the point, Merlin’s provides an excellent introduction that focuses on the core slider picture. Merlin is seen on one of the rotating pictures, and he resembles a creature from Discworld, the ancient Terry Pratchett series of books filled with weird, sometimes legendary, and usually magical creatures. Quite appropriate then. Whether or whether we are riding on the back of a big turtle is, of course, a separate topic.

Bingo, Let’s Begin

Obviously, we’re all here to play bingo, so it seems appropriate to begin with the bingo part. When you click bingo, you are immediately reassured that the designers of this website are competent. First, there are several types of balls available for play. 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball, 30-ball… this is far more than what many ‘bingo expert’ websites give.

In addition, the ongoing games are shown in a convenient table. This indicates the amount of money at risk, the current winner, the remaining time, and other pertinent information. A nice, easy-to-read technique to avoid strolling into a bingo room and purchasing a ticket with only two minutes left on the clock, as well as a terrific way to ensure you are playing the games with the highest payouts if that is your goal.

Currently, Slots

We adore slots. And not just a little bit, we adore them as much as someone would love a beautiful lamp purchased from an antique shop in Dublin. A true one-of-a-kind that you were fortunate to discover and will likely never encounter again.

As a result, the fact that Merlin has its own slots department is really appealing to us. And it’s not even a horrible one. There is a vast selection of slot machines available, perhaps too many to describe here. While they are not the newest on the market as a whole, some are clearly extremely new, and the term “classic” comes to mind for those that are not so new.

However, the variety is somewhat diminished by the absence of 3D, video, and progressive jackpot slots. The first two varieties are popular with younger players, so we don’t really care about them; but, the progressives are a firm favorite; the chance to amass jackpots as you play, and then win a big amount, is something you’ll always want to be able to partake in.

Greater than slots

When you click Slots, you will see that a number of new menu items appear that were not there before. One of them is the casino, and despite the casino’s restricted selection of games, the casino’s games are undoubtedly superior than those of older slot machines.

In addition, there are scratch games, which are the instant-gratification version of slot machines, and a whole area devoted to “free bets.” This last variation will not pay out much, but you will win something for free, which is preferable than being severely kicked in the face with an iron boot.

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