Image Inpainter – GPU Accelerated Image Inpainting Tool

Image Inpainter is a tool that implements a number of algorithms to let the user do the task of image inpainting. These algorithms take difference approaches, and have various properties that make them suited to different types of image inpainting tasks.

Willy Mai was my partner for this project. This was our major project for COMP9517 ‘Computer Vision’ course at UNSW, 2010.

Available algorithms:

  • Gaussian Pyramid Blur
  • Fast Digital Image Inpainting
  • Bertalmio
  • A. Telea – Fast Marching Method
  • Navier-Stokes, Fluid Dynamics, and Image and Video Inpainting
  • Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting
  • Image Inpainting Based on Local Optimisation

GUI Screenshot
x86 Win32 Binaries
Source Code – MSVS2005
Detailed Report
Presentation Slides

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