RefOS Released!

The project I’ve been working on all year has finally been released open source! Take a look and shoot me any bugs you find! Original email announcement below: Today we announce the release of the RefOS project. hollister pas cher RefOS is an OS personality that runs on seL4. asics gel lyte 3 pas cher RefOS stands for “Reference OS”, the aspirational goal of the project, which is to provide a reference OS personality for seL4. RefOS is a student project built as a case study to explore more dynamic virtual memory (VM) management systems than the typical static systems architected on separation kernels. When compared to statically allocated systems, a key difference (and complexity) of dynamic VM management is relaxing the assumption that virtual memory (and memory objects) are managed by a single task upon the microkernel (or by the microkernel itself). Nike Air Max 1 Heren groen RefOS has a distributed VM framework inspired by the Sawmill VM framework [1], though differing in the centralisation of some core book-keeping into a single server (mainly fault forwarding and mapping authorisation).

  • An additional goal of the project was to create tension between user-level and kernel-level VM primitives to enable ongoing kernel experimentation in the area of higher-level VM abstractions. Asics Onitsuka tiger damskie The current functionality of RefOS consists of processes, an in-memory boot-image file server, and console support. buty nike janoski damskie Additionally, some games and test applications have been ported to the system. Matt Holliday Jersey RefOS is available at under a “BSD 2-Clause” license. [1] Mohit Aron, Jochen Liedtke, Kevin Elphinstone, Yoonho Park, Trent Jaeger, and Luke Deller. nike air max 1 donna 2001. Kole Calhoun Jersey The sawmill framework for virtual memory diversity. Canotte Los Angeles Lakers In Proceedings of the 6th Australasian conference on Computer systems architecture (ACSAC ’01).

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