Xi (Ma) Chen

I’m a random guy who lives in California, AustraliaSoftware development is my primary career direction. I have most experience with C/C++, know some Java, Python and BASIC. I specialise in (decreasing order):

  • Computer graphics (real-time)
  • Embedded operating systems
  • Algorithm design and analysis
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Computer vision & image processing

I have done internships with Google (maps team, Sydney) and NVIDIA (Tegra 3D Graphics team) and National ICT Australia. I am currently working as NVIDIA as a 3D driver engineer.

Email: hypernewbie [at] uaasoftware (dot) com
Website: http://www.hypernewbie.com

Willy Mai

Willy is a software engineer working at Optiver in Sydney. He loves low-level kernel OS work and low-level optimisations.

Email: mach [at] uaasoftware (dot) com

Anne Rong

Human from Sydney, currently studying Computer Science & Mathematics @ UNSW.
Likes functional programming, algorithms, maths, design and other things. Mostly experienced with Java, Python, C, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
Also knows a bit of C++, Scala, PHP, Haskell.
Has interned at Atlassian, Ebix, and News Digital Media.
Likes software development but currently not specialising in anything.
Spare time activities include teaching high school maths & computing and doing IT things for EnactusUNSW.

Email: pwoh [at] uaasoftware (dot) com

Norris Lau

Email: numbgoon [at] uaasoftware (dot) com

Jay Fei

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